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Corporate Services

ExroAsia has introduced an extended service to support you with company incorporation, statutory registration and tax filings and processes.

Company Incorporation

Sri Lanka is ranked as one of the easiest countries to establish an entity among South Asian countries. The procedure is clear and precise with few restrictions in place.

Foreign Ownership Restrictions

Limited Liability Company

The ownership restrictions are limited to sector wise. Foreign shareholding in a limited liability company has a restrictions in retail trade for capital requirements but no limitations for any other sectors. The foreign party or entity has to establish a Securities Investment Account (SIA) with a licensed commercial bank in the country and remit their investment via SIA.

Branch Office

The foreign entity can establish a branch without any restriction with a minimum investment of $200,000. Unless it is within the retail trade, there would be no other capital requirements. If it is within the retail trade, another $2,000,000 needs to be remitted.

Statutory Registration

ExroAsia will take care of the statutory registration of clients, this is a tedious process with a requirement of submitting many documents in place, which can be done within a few days through our experienced team in-house.

Tax Regulations & Processes

Once the entity is registered with the inland Revenue Department (IRD) in order to pay the various taxes that arise from doing business, the entity has to get a Tax Identification Number (TIN) at the time of setting up the company. ExroAsia Tax experts will assist you in taxation filings, regulations and processes starting from the incorporation of your company.

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