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Expand Globally with ExroAsia’s International PEO

Even with covid 19 lockdown, you could still expand internationally with ease, less hassle and a lower cost. Did you know that? Let go of the headache of expanding globally by yourself with a foreign entity. You can now take an efficient approach towards global expansion with ExroAsia’s PEO solutions.

International PEO (Professional Employer Organization) is a global employment solution, which provides opportunities for companies to recruit employees globally, compliantly, and without the hassle of establishing a foreign legal entity. ExroAsia uses their global infrastructure and locally compliant employment contracts to recruit employees worldwide, by becoming their legal Employer of Record in a matter of a few days.

Six Reasons why you should take ExroAsia’s PEO Approach

1. Much lesser cost with International PEO

While it actually takes around $15,000 average set-up fee establish an entity, it takes about $200,000 maintain the entity annually. Whereas ExroAsia can do it for 60% more cost effectively than maintaining an entity completely.

2. Fast tracked time to market

While on average it takes around 3-4 months to research, launch and establish, with ExroAsia’s PEO solutions, you can go to market within weeks.

3. Burden of maintaining compliance taken completely

Why would you want your team to take up the hassle of being responsible for staying compliant with ever changing labour regulations when ExroAsia can ensure compliance with local regulations for your global workforce.

4. Flexibility of entering and exiting a market

Did you know that dissolving an entity is a cumbersome process that can take upto 9-12 months and be a costly process? With ExroAsia, you can easily enter and exit countries when needed, with no nagging costs or liabilities when you want to exit.

5. Saving executive team’s time and effort

It would take over 100 hours to research, complete tasks needed to set up an entity while you just need to spend 2 hours with ExroAsia to review and approve employment contracts. We let you play boss, while we do all the dirty work.

6. High scalability

It is not easy to navigate the process of establishing an entity in different countries during expansion. With ExroAsia, you can now easily expand to any country you want in Asia within a few days.

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